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Save Time, Money, and Man Power

Our investment in prefabrication began about 40 years ago. Since then Motor City Electric Co., has invested more than $1 million in this area, including a dedicated facility for both prefabrication and custom fabrication purposes. Today, our capacity for prefabrication has increased substantially. Whenever possible, we strive to prefabricate as much as 50% of most typical projects. Our highly skilled staff and ongoing dedication to the development of our prefabrication facilities allows us to deliver timely results while simultaneously driving down cost.

After receiving the required materials list, our prefabrication teams begin construction in our 100,000 Sq. ft. production warehouse. We label all prefabricated assemblies based on the job number and assembly location. Completed assemblies are packaged and either sent to the site or held in our climate-controlled storage facility.

On-site, assemblies are dropped in their designated locations. When our teams come in, they quickly and efficiently set the electrical assembly according to the BIM model, then move to the next objective. This is both a time saver and a game changer because it eliminates the need for workers to revisit plans or make changes to the assembly on location.

Financial Savings

Prefabricating complicated assembly systems means less workers on-site.

Waste Reduction

Less site waste means cleaner spaces and reduced disposal costs.

Less Jobsite Traffic

Less on-site materials, machines, tools, and gang boxes allows for more space, increasing efficiency of all trades.

Safer Execution

Working in a controlled environment greatly reduces the possibility of injury and fatigue.

Trapeze Conduit Supports

In-wall Assemblies

Cable Tray Systems

Temporary Power Skids

Custom Junction Boxes


Heavy metal Fabrication

Lighting Assemblies

“They care about customers; they care about the safety of their employees. The integrity is there. It comes down to people, and they are just great people. I hope to finish my career working with them.”

Senior Vice President of Energy 

– Matt Lentini

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